Treatment Ideas

Let your Imagination Be Your Guide To…

New Worlds of Fun and Exploration

Use your imagination to create a variety of activities that are therapeutic and enjoyable with Ther-A-Shapes™. Whether you are using Ther-A-Shapes™ for vestibular or proprioceptive stimulation, balance activities or motor planning tasks, you will find the following activities to be effective:

"Raft in the Ocean": With your client kneeling, sitting, or on hands and knees, pretend the Air Pillow is a life raft. As the "whale" swims by, rock the Air Pillow to challenge your client’s balance reactions.

"Flying Albatross": The therapist lays on her back supported by the Small Air Wedge, while placing the Large or Medium air Tube across her lower leg area. The client can then lie across the top of the tube in a prone position. The therapist catches the client as he "flies" toward her with extended arms promoting prone extension and upper extremity weight bearing.

Ther-A-Shapes™ Provide You Valuable Feedback and Information…

Perfect For The Itinerant Therapist!

No other equipment offers you the convenience and versatility of Ther-A-Shapes™. Even the largest items may be transported into remote and inaccessible locations while deflated.

Large pieces will support both the therapist and client

Use for fine motor skill development

Once inflated, they provide valuable feedback on your client’s abilities and progress, which is not easily obtained through other activities. Best of all, these sessions will be fun and exciting for both you and your client!